WWS can provide a complete line of RF Equipment solutions. We can supply you with product from top
suppliers that will cover all aspects of RF transmission requirements.

The WWS mission is to enhance the total customer experience. We strive to reach our goal by providing
only the finest products made by the best manufacturers in the industry. Bringing to our customers the best
quality products and having a service-
oriented staff provides our customers with a "one-stop shop" solution second to none!
Cable, RF and Microwave

AC Data                                                           
Alpha Wire Company                                 
Andrew Corporation                                    
Antel International                                      
Belden Electronic                                       
Bird Electronics                                           
CSA Wireless                                               
Dapa Communications                              
EMS Wireless                                              
Gabriel Electronics                                      
Generac Corporation                                 
Huber Suhner                                       
Mark Antenna                                                 
Maxrad Inc.                                                     
Myat Inc                                                           
Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)            
Scala Electronic Corporation                      
Teracom Components                                
Times Microwave                                          
Trylon TSF Inc.                                               
Valmont Microflect                                

Power Systems
Electronic Wire and Cable
Communication Equipment and Systems
Antenna Products
Wire and Cable
Test Equipment
Antenna Products
Lightning Protection
Communication Cable and Connectors
Antenna Products
Antenna Products
Antenna Products
Antenna Products
Antenna Products
Lightning Protection Grounding
Communication Connectors Systems
Antenna Products
Antenna Products
Broadcast Equipment
Lightning Protection
Communication Equipment and Systems
Antenna Products
Communications Connectors
Cable and Connectors
Tower and Safety Equipment
Tower Accessories

Value Added Services

• Cable Cut to Length                         • Custom Kit Assembly
• Same day Shipment                        • Custom Labeling and Packaging
Wireless and Broadband

Airspan Networks                                       
Ceregon Networks                                      
Motorola Canopy                                            
Radiowaves Inc.                                           
Redline Communications                            
RTS Solutions
Stratex Networks                                    
Til-Tek Antennas Inc.                                  
Wi-Lan Technologies                             

Value Added Services

• Full-time Technical Staff                         • Technical Training
• On-Call Support                                       • Advanced Replacement Program
• Preliminary System Engineering          • Product Testing & Evaluation
• Project Support                                         • Microwave License Applications
• Sales Support
Value Added Services

Fixed Wireless Multipoint Solutions
Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Solutions
High Speed Licensed Backhaul Solutions
High Speed Optical Access
Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Solutions
Antenna Products
High Speed NLOS and Backhaul Solution
Virtual Security Systems
High Speed Licensed Backhaul Solution
Antenna Products
NLOS 900 MHz Wireless Solution
Unlicensed Fixed Wireless Solutions