Smart Call Telecom
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In 2009, Smart Call Telecom was launched by World Wireless Solutions Group as its
Long Distance service division to serve the diverse growing ethnic communities of the
GTA, Brampton and Mississauga.

World Wireless Solutions Group has two main divisions in the telecommunication
industry, Smart Call Telecom as a provider of long distance services in Canada and
World Wireless Solutions as a telecommunications solutions provider worldwide since

Smart Call Telecom is created as an innovative solution for people to be closer to
home by being able to make outgoing calls from up to 5 different lines at the most
competitive international rates.

Smart Call Telecom also offers an unlimited incoming package that provides their
costumers with a local line of a set city of their choice were friends and family can
reach them at any time.

Lowest Rates, High Quality, Reliable Service for all your International Calls from a fixed
line and/or any mobile within the GTA, Brampton and Mississauga.

Register up to 5 phone lines with Smart Call Telecom and just start calling!
Online 24/7 access to you account -You can manage, recharge and check your account
on-line for full accountability in personal and business financial management

Call Me - Unlimited Incoming Calls Package for only $29.99 per month (includes
unlimited incoming* and $5 in outgoing minutes at preferred rates)

Pay-As-You-Go Service for lowest rates for call-anytime minute