AN-100 System
Redline’s award-winning AN-100, the world’s first 802.16
compliant product, provides a scalable carrier-class
broadband wireless solution for high performance point
to point and multipoint backhaul solutions
AN-50e System
Redline’s award-winning AN-50e is the world’
s first high-performance, low-cost multi-
service solution for carriers and service
providers looking to expand their networks
and provide high quality access to customers.
AN-30e System
The AN-30e is a carrier-grade TDM backhaul
solution for mobility network and enterprise
network operators. Operating in the 5.4 and
5.8 GHz unlicensed bands, the system is
capable of longrange links exceeding 50 mi
(80 km) in clear LOS
DragonWave’s Industry leading AirPair product line allows service providers to extend high
capacity broadband networks with fixed wireless. AirPair allows service providers to offer ultra low
latency native IP/Ethernet & legacy TDM (T1/E1) services for a wide variety of middle & last mile
applications. DragonWave’s AirPair Product line provides a wide variety of industry leading
options for Scalable Bandwidth Delivery, Network Management, Service Adaptation and Network
High Capacity Wireless Ethernet Bandwidth Platform
•        10 Mbps to 200 Mbps
•        “User Scalable Bandwidth” Options

Extensive Network Management
•        Easy to use PDA tools
•        Web-Based EMS and simple NMS integration

Service Adaptation at the Edge
•        Native Ethernet for transparent IP
•        Triple Play – Data, Voice, Video over IP networks.
•        T1/E1 support through service adaptation
•        Flexible Network Configurations

Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point configurations
•        Hub/spoke, Add/Drop, Survivable Rings, Mesh
•        Frequency options from 18 GHz- 28 GHz licensed & unlicensed
LightPointe's outdoor wireless solutions have earned high marks in Enterprise networking
installations for linking two or more buildings in classic LAN-to-LAN backbone connectivity with
extraordinarily high-bandwidth of up to 1.25 Gbps. Mobile carriers can accelerate momentum
for 3G and 4G networks by deploying LightPointe's outdoor wireless solutions for mobile
wireless backhaul connectivity in place of low-bandwidth leased lines or licensed and
unlicensed RF.
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