The World Wireless Team:

World Wireless Solutions is composed of a multidisciplinary Team of professionals dedicated to service
our customers. They have many years of knowledge in the Wireless Communications, Wireless
Broadband, and Wire and Cable Industry.

The World Wireless Executive Team:

Eduardo Harari
President & CEO

Eduardo, an industry veteran of 20 years, leads WWS' market and constant growth as its president, chief
executive officer and member of the board of directors.
Eduardo has also held a number of management and leadership positions such as at MCI, where he
headed  the broadband sales division in Florida’s Hispanic Market, he also led the creation and delivery
of large-scale enterprise application solutions - including strategic partnerships, and product positioning
and deployment within of customer sites throughout Latin-America. After leaving MCI, Eduardo served as
Manager of Sales at AT&T, where he worked integrating the Broadband Solutions Team and rapidly grew
the company's solutions business.

Eduardo holds a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business from York University in Canada and
an MBA in Marketing from The University of Michigan.
The Team